Tiffany 1837™ Interlocking Collection

When I saw the latest Tiffany 1837 ad for their Interlocking collection, I instantly thought “wedding.” The interlocking circles symbolize uniting two families into one.  I love the simplicity of Tiffany’s designs and the timeless beauty of each piece. The pieces in the interlocking collection are perfect accessories for pre and post wedding celebrations!  Tell us, which pieces are your favorites?

1.Interlocking circles bracelet in RUBEDO™ metal and silver 2.Interlocking Circles Necklace 3. Interlocking Circles Ring (Silver)  4. Interlocking circles pendant in RUBEDO™ metal, medium 5. interlocking circles lariat in sterling silver & 18k gold 6. Interlocking circles bangle in RUBEDO™ metal and sterling silver 7. Interlocking circles ring in 18k rose gold and sterling silver 8. Interlocking circles bangle in sterling silver, medium 9.Interlocking circles necklace in RUBEDO™ metal and silver

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  1. Ashley Lucas

    I would say number 1 and 9!!!