Ring Bearer Pillow Alternatives

As a veteran wedding planner, I have coordinated many weddings and have seen countless ring bearer pillows.  You know, the traditional white pillow that the bride spends a fortune on that the little guy carries for oh….ten seconds? We have had a few brides that have personalized their ceremony and have used ring bearer pillow alternatives. Here are a few of my favorites:

Paloma’s Nest Ring Bowl (Picture from a previous client of ours), Ring Bearer Tray, Ring Bearer Keepsake Box, Ring Bearer Nest, Ring Bearer Bird Cage, Ring Bearer Book, Personalized Ring Bearer Pillow

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  1. Vena Mccredie

    I can’t tell you about rings… however, I wear a sterling silver necklace that my now-fiance gave to me on June 29, 2007. I would say that I’ve work it 75% of the days since, I shower in it, sometimes sleep in it, and overall it receives a similar type of wear that a wedding ring might. It has help up alright, isn’t tarnished or anything, but it has bent in one place over time. It has also developed some surface scratches that won’t polish out.

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