Happy 4th Birthday Payton!

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FirstPayton, today you are four years old and I absolutely cannot believe that. You are no longer my baby, but instead “mommy’s big girl.” Your third year of life has hands-down been my favorite so far.  Every day with you is an adventure. You constantly keep your dad and me laughing, and we are amazed at how smart, beautiful, and talented you are. Your personality lights up a room and you bring the biggest joy to your family and friends. Your infectious smile, goofy jokes, and crazy outbursts are refreshing and always welcomed.



Year three was filled with many adventures for you. You made new friends, took your first gymnastics class, played golf for the first time, and have grown more and more independent.


Heading to Cincinnati to visit daddy’s family

day in life2

What I am most proud of is your manners and genuinely happy spirit. Your dad and I are constantly being praised for your polite attitude and everyday manners. You are the happiest person that I know. It’s funny that your new favorite song is “Happy.” Every time the song comes on the radio, you scream for us to turn it up, clap your hands, and just dance away.

holidaysREV outfit dayREV

You are very family oriented. You are obsessed with your cousins and grandparents. You live for the weekends when you get to spend time with them.


With your big cousins Carter and Amari


With your “Aunti Beronica” at the Race for the Cure in honor of your “Grandma Tiki”

A few favorites and highlights from year 3:

  1. You recently you informed us that you were changing your name to “Focused Mariah Pollard.” You’ve asked everyone in the family to refer to you as “Focused” moving forward.
  2. Favorite musician: Beyonce (just like your mommy!)
  3. Favorite foods: Chicken, rice, and broccoli. You take great pride in ordering your signature favorites with a side of lemonade from your favorite restaurant, “Chili’s.”
  4. You live for “Dunkin, Dunkin Donuts.”
  5. You get excited when mommy has a wedding because you look forward to the flowers that I get to bring home.
  6. You have a collection of dolls otherwise known as your sisters that you’ve named “Emily” (all four of them to be exact).
  7. Your favorite pastime is playing dress-up.
  8. You are learning to read and enjoy books, all thanks to your daddy.
  9. Each night you lead the family prayer. You’ve made it a habit to “thank God for another day” before you lay your head to rest.
  10. You’ve become independent and take so much pride in picking out your outfits for the day. You are quick to let me know when something doesn’t match or if an outfit is “not cute!”
  11. Just like your mommy, you love dresses and skirts.
  12. You experienced your first Disney on Ice show and learned to play golf, your dad’s favorite.
  13. Your favorite show is JESSIE on the Disney channel.
  14. When asked what you want to be when you grow up, your proudly say, “A teenager!”
  15. When asked what you will do to make money, you let us know that you plan to be an actress one day.
  16. You still love puzzles, books, and your beloved iPad.
  17. Your daddy remains your best friend.daddys girlREVjpg
At your third birthday party last year.

At your third birthday party last year.

With our crazy busy schedules and the world moving a mile a minute, you remind me to stop and enjoy life. You make a point to tell me to “chill mom and RELAX!” and I thank you for that. I thank you for reminding me that life is too short. You remind me to stop and to focus on what matters. You are an everyday reminder that our GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD. You are the best birthday gift a girl could ever ask for. As I look forward to celebrating my birthday on Thursday, I thank you for being the best birthday gift each and every year. Happy birthday, Payton Mariah! I love you more than you will ever know!

mommy and meREVWith all my love,

Your mom, aka mama, aka Geomyra (as you’ve learned how to pronounce my name this year, YAY!) 🙂


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  1. Shan

    Happy Birthday (Focused)Payton… I am happy that I was able to be a part of your 3rd year and look forward to many many more… Geomyra you are a wonderful mother and this blog is absolutely heart touching!! I look forward to next years blog 🙂

  2. Coco

    Awwww i love this! Happy Birthday to Payton..oops sorry I mean Focused!! lol (how did she come up with that) She is definitely one of a kind and i love her personality. Congrats to you and Phil for bringing up a such a fun and beautiful little girl

  3. Lisa

    Happy Birthday Focused! What an amazing little girl….just like her Mom.

  4. Rachel

    Happy, happy birthday, Payton!!! Have a great time at your camp in!