Happy Anniversary {To Me!}

Four years?!? Seriously, where did the time go? Four years ago I married a man that I never thought in a million years I would marry. Although my husband and I met in high school and dated through college, I am still amazed by how God worked things out. I remember the SAT prep class and sign language courses that I took with my friends where I gushed about the man who would become my best friend and the best father in the world. Today I reflect back to my special day and how much love and positive energy surrounded us. Browsing through the images of my wedding day brought back so many memories and emotions. As I have lost my mother since my big day, I remind my brides of the importance of a great photographer and wedding planner so they can fully enjoy their day and engage with their guests.

I am thankful for the path that is behind us and excited for all that’s ahead. To all of my family, friends and vendors that helped make my day magical, THANK YOU! And to my husband who puts up with my insane schedule, listens to my dreams, keeps me motivated, sets goals with me, wipes my tears, deals with our crazy family and friends, continues to grow with me spiritually and the man that helps me raise our princess, I love you…

This much… (inside joke)


Happy Anniversary to my son Cane. My wedding gift from the hubby!

Left: About 10 years ago. Right: Last month at Cristina's wedding.

Phil and Payton

Ready to marry my best friend.

Left: Calm and relaxed (because I had a planner!) Right: Prayer before walking down the aisle. It changed my life.

Phil and I with our mommas.

Me and my mommy. Always the life of the party.

My bouquet and our sweetheart table.

Pictures of our late grandmothers and a crystal cross accented my bouquet

The first time I laid eyes on Cane 🙂

Feeling so blessed!

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  1. Moma Pollard

    Happy, Happy Anniversary my children you guys make me feel so blessed in all you have accomplished in your life and with so much more to look forward to. God in truely working in your life and through you guys. It’s been such a blessing for the little Angel you both have given us to enjoy with you. I hope you both continue to keep God first in your life and never stop trusting and believing in one another as you are one now. Love you guys so much. Mama Pollard

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