Engage!12 The Breakers Recap: Day 1 {Images + Video}

Engage!12. Where do I begin? First, I would like to give thanks to Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce for the privilege of attending Engage!12. These two masterminds are the reason many of us in the wedding industry are friends and business partners. I first heard about Engage!  years ago via my friend Lara Casey. After years of contemplating attending, I finally took the leap and registered for Engage!11 at the Grand Del Mar. In San Diego, I met a group of friends that encouraged me to keep pressing towards my dreams. Engage! is filled with industry experts looking to learn and grow from each other . To be surrounded by professionals that share the same passion and drive as me is truly a blessing. Here is my Day 1 Recap of my Engage!12 experience.

Saturday morning I caught an early flight to Miami to spend the day with my best friend, Dalayna. We spent the day catching up and had an amazing dinner at Crescendo Jazz and Blues Lounge. Dalayna drove me to Palm Beach where she handed me over to my Engage!12 roommate and friend, Kay of Hooten Wooten Events. At registration I ran into my friend Kelli of A’ Deux Bespoke Bridal Paper. The first new friend I met at registration was Melissa of House of Papier. We hit it off right away and were both nervous and excited for what was ahead. After picking up our AMAZING swag bag created by the gals at Gifts for the Good Life, we headed over to the Opening Sessions.

Amazing florals and TONS of goodies packed in oversized totes

Lovely little details

The hilarious celebrity wedding planner, Marcy Blum, opened the sessions and got us all excited about what was to come. I was inspired by Marly Majcher’s  candid discussion on “Failure is not final.” She is absolutely correct when she says that “you learn more from failure.” Legendary planner Harriette Rose Katz couldn’t have said it better when she stated, “We in the wedding industry are committed to the beauty of celebration.” The highlight of Day 1 for me was hearing the inspiring Mr. Simon T. Bailey speak. I took over two pages of notes during his presentation.  A few of my favorite takeaways from Simon:

1. It’s not who you are that holds you back. It’s who you think you’re not.

2. There are 20,000 moments in a day. A moment creates momentum.

3. We are in the business of creating moments.

4. The most important economy that we need to protect is the one between our ears.

5. Failure is only Feedback.

Marcy Blum, Marly Majcher and Simon T. Bailey

After the opening sessions I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch at one of my new favorite restaurants, HMF. I joined Lara, Emily, Emily, Kelly, Ross, Nancy, Erin and a few other new friends for an opening session recap. Next on the agenda was the Southern themed Boots and Bowties Welcome Party. At the Welcome Party, I got the first glimpse at the talents behind the Breakers Wedding Team. I reconnected with old friends and was introduced to a new set of friends.  We danced the night away under a glass tent like structure and feasted on a few southern favorites!

Ashley Baber, Kelly McWilliams, Colin Cowie with Sylvania Weinstock, Emily, Emily and Lare, Kay, ME and Marly Majcher

Welcome Party Details

Stay tuned for a recap of Day 2. It only gets better!

Photos by Scott Clark and Chellise Michael with Elan Artists

Day 1 Recap Video courtesy of the super talented team at I Do Films.

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