Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2014

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pink-bg_01Today marks the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A few years ago, the words “breast cancer” didn’t mean much to me. In March 2010, that all changed. My mother at 49 years young was diagnosed with the disease. Eight short months later, she lost her fight against breast cancer. I use the word “fight” because that is exactly what she did. She battled the disease with everything in her until God called her home in November 2010. When I reflect on the eight month journey, I feel confirmation that God doesn’t make any mistakes. Watching my mother battle breast cancer taught me my biggest life lessons to date. As much as I want to ignore the pink ribbon, I have come to terms that the disease was not placed into my life by accident.  According to the American Cancer Society, in 2013, an estimated 232,340 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed among women. This month, I am encouraging all women to perform a self-exam. My mother was able to detect a lump that felt out of the ordinary. Because she listened to her body and instincts, she was able to start treatment immediately. There are many organizations that have events going on this month. Be sure to get involved and spread the word about breast cancer and the importance of early detection. As an added perk to our 2015 clients, Geomyra Lewis Weddings and Events will be making a donation to Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on behalf of all of our brides.  This month, Think Pink! Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!




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