Stephenie + Dexter

Geomyra and her assistant Sam were complete lifesavers! Best wedding decision ever to get a planner in addition to the hotel coordinator. Geomyra’s detailed timeline, sweet demeanor, and superior vendor management made my wedding day a beautiful dream! If I did not have her it would of been a nightmare if left in the hotel’s incompetent hands. Do not hesitate, you NEED HER! She is amazing!

Lindsey + Carl

Geomyra Lewis wedding events was seriously the saving grace of our wedding day. The month before the wedding I was a lot less stressed than I otherwise would have been. Geomyra really helped me pin down a day of schedule (since all of my vendors and venue had been asking and I had no idea and was totally overwhelmed) and answered any questions I had with excellent responsiveness. Geomyra ensured that everything went totally smoothly. In fact, my very frugal husband, who thinks that most things wedding were overpriced, said to me that GLWE was worth every penny and more! I would recommend GWLE to anyone looking for excellent and thorough coordination of their wedding day.

Brooke + Wayon

I don’t even know where to begin with Geomyra. My original planner went out of business ONE MONTH before my wedding. I was in a total bind. I immediately went to work trying to find a planner and one of the other planner’s recommended Geomyra. I read her reviews (they were pretty good), checked out her website (even better) and then we chatted. She was familiar with many of my vendors which was very reassuring and we hit it off immediately. Geomyra was a GODSEND! I can’t express this enough. She got to work immediately, tied up all the lose ends and straightened out everything with all of the vendors. On the day off, things were so BEAUTIFUL! I felt like my vision was vague and she was able to create something that was more beautiful then I was able to describe to her. We all loved her! She ran the wedding so well from behind the scenes because people kept asking me “Who’s organizing this? It’s so well run!”. I LOVED IT! Geomyra was not only a fantastic wedding planner (I honestly wish I had her in the beginning) but also a great PERSON. I definitely felt like she was a friend. If you’re a bride to be looking to be stress-free, Geomyra’s definitely your person! I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Perla + Johnny

Geomyra and her team are absolutely amazing! When I got engaged I knew I couldn’t get through the planning process without her help and the help of her team. I had a destination wedding in Punta Cana and Geomyra was constantly able to provide me with updates and answers to any questions I had throughout the planning process. Everything was always so organized. The days leading up to the wedding, she constantly checked in with me to make sure I was good and had everything I needed. She kept me calm, cool, and collected if things didn’t go as planned. My wedding day was a day I’ll never forget and it was all due to her hard work and dedication to making my day special.perla_johnny0511web

Nicole + Shamar

KJ Wedding Collection-197

We used Geomyra Lewis Weddings & Events for full wedding planning services. From the moment I spoke to Geomyra I knew she was someone I could trust with the most important day of my life. My now husband and I work a lot and knew we would not have the time to devote to wedding planning but this didn’t mean we didn’t want a beautiful and memorable wedding day. We reached out to multiple wedding planners when we began our search and Geomyra was the most prompt and the polite person with whom we spoke. That never changed throughout our time with her and her incredible team.

Not only was Geomyra professional at all times, she also cared about our budget. Geomyra worked to find savings for us each step of the way. She never pressured us into buying or renting something that would take us over budget and did an incredible job finding high quality vendors within our price range and was there every step of the way. She also managed each of the vendors for our wedding beautifully. There were multiple vendors who said “When Geomyra calls we come running, she’s our favorite!”

On the day of my wedding her and her team were so calm and pleasant to my bridal party and family. Everyone thought she was incredible. If there were ANY issues on the day of our wedding I had (and still have) absolutely no idea. Everything moved smoothly from the beginning of the day until the end. Our ceremony and reception were in the same space and the flipped that occurred in that space was beautiful. Geomyra and her team exceeded every single expectation we had for our wedding day. It was absolutely incredible.

There is no way we would have had a wedding as beautiful as the one we did with the vendor team we had without Geomyra Lewis Weddings & Events. I would absolutely w recommend her to anyone getting married looking for a competent professional with a beautiful personality and phenomenal team. There is no one better than Geomyra!

Krystal + Jeremy

Geomyra’s meticulous planning made the day go smoothly, so everything was perfect and better than I had envisioned. THANKS GEOMYRA!!

Lindsey + Wilson

I hired Geomyra as a Day-Of Coordinator for my wedding in the Charlottesville area. I initially hired her based on her affordable rates, and I have to say that she and her team were one of the best investments I made for my wedding day. Geomyra, Myra, and Amy were extremely organized and professional to work with. From dressing professionally to creating the most detailed timeline any member of my wedding party had ever seen, Geomyra Lewis Weddings and Events truly exceeded my expectations. I stress out very easily and they made my day run so smoothly. They were always there to make sure I had everything I wanted and needed, and they worked very well with my other vendors to make sure that everyone and everything was in place.

I honestly couldn’t have been happier with their service and even my parents and my wedding party commented on what an amazing job they did.

Tesia + Jamel

If you want to be stress-free on the day of your wedding (or the month leading up to it), you need to hire Geomyra. I am not convinced that all event planners/coordinators know what questions to ask, pay attention to detail, have industry contacts, and more importantly, the personality to work with a range of vendors and their personalities (or a Type-A, very anxious bride). Geomyra has all of those characteristics and more. She and her assistant, Veronica, made my entire wedding day special and relaxing– the way it is supposed to be. If there were any mistakes or small fires to put out, I could not tell as they remained calm and in control throughout the day. And the best part: I feel like I made two new friends.

Jen + Todd

Myra and her team were exceptional. With only 4 months to plan a wedding for 100 people, Myra helped us created an elegant yet informal wedding that was truly fun and special for everyone involved. From identifying sites and vendors to keeping us on schedule and on task, she helped us every step of the way. In doing so, she was there when we needed her and let us work through things on our own when that worked better for us. She never pushed an agenda or a demand and was flexible with our schedules and changing needs. And on the day of the wedding, I knew everything was under control and I was free to take in all of the wonderful events around me. Even our guests commented on how professional, respectful, and helpful the team was — and I couldn’t agree more. I would recommend Geomyra Lewis Weddings and Events without hesitation.

Jess + Mike

The wedding day was a breeze knowing Geomyra and her team had all the details covered. Geomyra came highly recommended and she exceeded my expectations. Thank you Geomyra Lewis Weddings and Events!

Mary + Loren

Dear Geomyra,
Reede and I so appreciated all you did to make our daughter, Mary’s, wedding day the perfect event she had always wanted.  From our first telephone meeting with you, I had the utmost confidence that all was in capable hands.  I have never known anyone to be as organized as you were.  Your check list for Mary covered absolutely everything.  On the day of the wedding we never had to worry because we knew you and your team were prepared for any and all eventualities or crises.  When the busses were late to the hotel and when the button fell off the groom’s jacket, all was handled with grace and ease allowing everything to proceed on time and with perfect coordination.

Thank you too for managing the reception with the same unobtrusive aplomb.  Knowing you were there to coordinate the timing for dinner, as well as to secure of the gifts and cards, and gather up all flowers and odds and ends to be returned to our rooms allowed us to relax and enjoy the evening.

Thank you for helping make our daughter’s wedding day such a perfect and wonderful day to remember.


Jane Taylor, Mother of the Bride 

Jessica + Walter

After spending all that money and going crazy with the planning, Geomyra and Veronica can only be described as “heaven sent”. Geomyra thinks very quickly on her feet and before you ask the question she already has it all figured out. I will forever be grateful for her advice and knowledge. And kudos to Veronica for being so sweet, a master at dress-bustling and bilingual! Most of my family speaks Spanish and there was Veronica to take care of many details whether in English or Spanish!

Lindsay + Ryan

Although I questioned whether or not I really needed a day-of/month-of coordinator, I would advise every bride to budget for one – it was worth every penny. Geomyra was great to work with and I really appreciated how she ran a tight ship. She made sure the vendors were on track, discreetly told us what we needed to do and where we needed to be and she totally saved the day when there was an issue with our up-lighting at the museum.

Kathy + David

Our day was perfect and I never had to worry for a minute that things were not going according to plan. It was a great relief to know that after all our hard work that neither me nor my family had to deal with any little changes or details during the day. Myra made sure that we were on schedule, that the men had their boutonnieres on correctly and even packed our car with all our gifts at the end of the night. I know some people think that day of services is a waste of money, but I promise you it was worth EVERY penny. Your sanity and ability to be able to enjoy thoroughly your wedding day is priceless!

Dina + Alex

Geomyra and Veronica were of immense help on my wedding day. There is no way we could have orchestrated such a smooth event without them. Geomyra’s calm was so appreciated in the face of so many anxiety-producing details. My husband and I both agreed that while you normally think of an event planner as someone who is running around and trying to get everything organized, Geomyra’s demeanor is much more efficient as it let us both relax and feel that everything would happen as planned. I would without a doubt recommend Geomyra Lewis Weddings and Events. The day could not have been as wonderful without them.

Nicole + Nic

Geomyra Lewis Weddings and Events was my savior!! I had no idea what I was doing when it came to planning my wedding. I was so glad when I was referred to Myra because she held my hand through the entire process. Even my girlfriends said I was the most relaxed bride-to-be they had ever seen!  All of my guests were stunned at how beautiful event was. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Geomyra Lewis Weddings and Events! No matter what your vision is or how many crazy family members you’re working with, Myra can make your dream come true.

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