One-on-One Coaching

I am super ecstatic to announce the upcoming launch of my business coaching and management company, Coaching for Creatives! Coaching for Creatives was created for my creative entrepreneur friends, like YOU who are seeking to elevate their business back-end operations. All without compromising the time and efforts that you’re pouring into the creative side of your business. 
After a decade in the events industry and completion of my MBA, I am thrilled to use my hands-on experience and formal education to work alongside creatives that are ready to take their business to the next level! It’s time you do more of what you love, without compromising time spent on who or what you love! All without sacrificing your sanity! I’ve been where you are and figured it out, so you don’t have to! 
My customized coaching program was developed with your individual needs in mind. What sets Coaching from Creatives apart from the rest is the personalized one-on-one experience that is all about YOU and YOUR business needs! Whether you’re a full-time entrepreneur ready to go to that next level, or in a 9-5 ready to take that next leap of faith, I can help!
Let’s plan and prioritize what’s happening in your business and get you setup for long term success! As a business owner + creative, it’s time you focus on clarity, productivity, and profit in your business. 
From elevating the Client Experience, Streamlining Processes + Workflows, Setting Goals + Action Plans, Building + Nurturing Vendor Relationships, Uncovering Your Niche + Target Market, Capitalizing on Social, Corporate + Destination Celebrations, Creating Customized Templates, Generating Multiple Income Streams, Learning to Live a Well-Rounded Life AND SO MUCH MORE, Coaching for Creatives has you covered!
So let’s work together and exceed all expectations! Join me at coachingforcreatives.co right now to be notified of our official launch in a few weeks! 

Business Back-end Management

Having trouble keeping up with inquiries, emails and killing it with the client experience? No worries! The business back-end management component of Coaching for Creatives is also in the works! Let me help you decrease your email response time, ensure your potential and current clients feel loved on by managing those areas in your business. Sure you’re out here kicking butt with all of your creative goodness! However, let’s work together to manage what’s on your plate to guarantee that your clients and vendor friends are shouting your praises from the rooftop! Shoot me an email at hello@coachingforcreatives.co and let’s chat about how I will put my business management skills to use for you!