What's in my Bag? {Day of Essentials}

On “Execution Day,” (also known as The Wedding Day, The Day of, The Big Day) My team and I can be seen toting our black messenger bags filled with day of essentials. What are the contents of my bag you ask? Here is a detailed list and description of all of the items that get me through my ten hour+ day:

  1. Messenger Bag: My Milano Series messenger bag from The Container Store has been a lifesaver. It is compact, has multiple pockets and compartments and is super lightweight. I can easily hold everything in the bag.
  2. iPad and Lodis case:  I don’t leave home without my iPad. All of my client’s wedding documents are downloaded prior to the big day. If needed, I can easily access all of my client’s files via the Dropbox app. I love my Lodis iPad case because it is fashionable and practical.
  3. Cash: You never know if cash will be needed for parking, gratuities, lunch, or last minute emergencies. I always try to keep cash on hand.
  4. Pen and Essential wedding day timeline: I always keep a copy of the timeline handy. I like to mark off items as we setup for the ceremony and reception to make sure that we cover every last detail.
  5. Business cards & Tiffany’s business card holder: I am often asked for my business cards (designed by Emily Ley) and keep a few handy for vendors in my Tiffany’s business card holder.
  6. Tissue: With emotions running high throughout the day, I always have tissues handy for our couple, parents, etc. Being the saps that we are, Veronica and I often break out the tissue on the wedding day.
  7. Hand Sanitizer:  I don’t leave home without it.
  8. Bluetooth headset: If I get a call from a vendor or our clients while setting up, I am able to keep working while communicating.
  9. MAC lipgloss
  10. Ray-ban Sunglasses: My Ray-bans are essential when setting up for outdoor events.
  11. Listerine Pocket Paks Oral Care Strips: Chewing gum can be very rude while communicating with vendors, guests and my team. As an alternative, I opt for Listerine Pocket Pak Strips.
  12. Watch: As the keeper of time, it is important to have a wristwatch to ensure that the day runs smoothly.
  13. Canon Powershot Camera:  We like to capture a few images of the room setup and details before the guests enter the room.
  14. iPhone and Backup charger:  One of my favorite gadgets is my Philips backup charger for my iPhone. The backup charger has been a lifesaver on so many occasions.

    Hard at work

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