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It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, and I wanted to update our readers on what’s been happening behind the scenes at GLWE. The team has been super busy this wedding season creating amazing events for our wonderful clients. The summer has been spent executing not only our clients’ fabulous events, but also my husband’s thirtieth birthday celebration (Blog post coming soon). The month of August holds some exciting opportunities for GLWE and will be filled with transition and upward movement for our growing company.

Our super sweet couple, Siobhan & Anou. Credit: Rachel May Photography

Surprise party for the hubby

Before we jump into the next phase of our wedding season, Veronica and I will be taking a quick girls’ trip with a few friends to visit Boston, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

41 North Hotel in Rhode Island

It is a personal goal of mine to visit all fifty states by the age of fifty and I’m excited to cross a few more off my list!  I’m a girl that loves to travel and try new things. My adventures are always more fun when I can bring my BFFs along!  I am most looking forward to seeing Beyonce in concert for the 5th or 6th time (I’ve lost count. Don’t judge me. LOL)!


With our new website almost complete and a September filled with swoon worthy events, I can’t be more excited! Stay tuned and follow along with us as we plan, party and perfect what we do best!

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