Brooke + Wayon

I don’t even know where to begin with Geomyra. My original planner went out of business ONE MONTH before my wedding. I was in a total bind. I immediately went to work trying to find a planner and one of the other planner’s recommended Geomyra. I read her reviews (they were pretty good), checked out her website (even better) and then we chatted. She was familiar with many of my vendors which was very reassuring and we hit it off immediately. Geomyra was a GODSEND! I can’t express this enough. She got to work immediately, tied up all the lose ends and straightened out everything with all of the vendors. On the day off, things were so BEAUTIFUL! I felt like my vision was vague and she was able to create something that was more beautiful then I was able to describe to her. We all loved her! She ran the wedding so well from behind the scenes because people kept asking me “Who’s organizing this? It’s so well run!”. I LOVED IT! Geomyra was not only a fantastic wedding planner (I honestly wish I had her in the beginning) but also a great PERSON. I definitely felt like she was a friend. If you’re a bride to be looking to be stress-free, Geomyra’s definitely your person! I couldn’t recommend her enough!