Vendor Spotlight: Sweet Ladies Bakery


Hi Friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Our team is back in the states getting settled after traveling (through the snow storm) to the Dominican Republic for a destination wedding. Prior to our departure, we had the pleasure of catching up with one of our favorite bakers, Nikki Taylor of Sweet Ladies Bakery. Nikki not only has created some of the best looking cakes for our clients, but also some of the best tasting. Her red velvet cake is hands down, one of my favorites! Take a minute to get to know our friend at Sweet Ladies Bakery!

Nikki Taylor of Sweet Ladies Bakery

Nikki Taylor of Sweet Ladies Bakery

Geomyra: Tell us a little bit about Sweet Ladies Bakery.

Nikki: Sweet Ladies Bakery (SLB) is proud to be a home-based bakery that has been in business for the past six years!  SLB was started from the ground up in the basement of my parents’ home.  Over the years as business grew and we outgrew the basement we moved to a newly renovated kitchen, office, and tasting space, in from my own house in Springfield.  We specialize in made from scratch wedding cakes, specialty cakes, and pastries.

Geomyra: What makes you the best of the best?

Nikki: Oh, my, I don’t know about that!  I do feel that we are successful because we have really great tasting quality cakes and we strive to make our cake designs look even better than what our clients expect.  Knowing that there are so many great bakeries in the area to choose from, we always try to focus on our own strengths and what we know how to do best.  Along with finding ways to constantly improve our customer service, knowing that it is a big part of the cake experience.

Geomyra: How do you exceed your clients’ expectations?

Nikki: We are constantly striving to please and excite the customer!  We treat each cake order as if we are making it for our own family, putting our best effort into each design.  If we feel a cake needs a little something extra to make it look complete or just slightly better, then that is what we do without extra cost to the client.  We also try to keep up with new cake trends, always striving to say “yes” and bring to life whatever cake design the client has in mind.

Geomyra: What excites you most about the work that you do?

Nikki: Seeing the client’s happy reactions to the cake designs we make for them!  It is also so heartwarming when Sweet Ladies Bakery cakes become family tradition; we love it when we make a wedding cake for a couple, then they come back for a baby shower cake, then a 1st birthday cake, and each birthday after that!

Side note: After working with Nikki on a wedding last year, I knew she was the perfect person to create my daughter’s birthday cake for her “Camp-in” themed birthday party!

Geomyra: What awards or accolades you are most proud of?

Nikki: It would have to be when SLB was first recognized in the Washingtonian magazine, for winning the best tasting whoopie pies in the area!   I  was standing in line at the check-out aisle at the grocery store when I first saw it on the stand,  I was so excited that I announced to the check-out guy, Look , this is me!!

Geomyra: What has been a highlight or milestone in your (or your companies’) career?

Nikki: Winning the “best of” from the  I was so proud of this award because it is based off of client reviews; it was so great to know that brides who had chosen SLB as their baker were pleased with the result!  It was satisfying to see that all of my hard work paid off!

Geomyra: What should couples look for in their wedding cake baker?

Nikki: A baker who is genuinely excited for them, wants to help, and is knowledgeable in his or her craft.   It is my job to make you feel comfortable and empowered when you come in for a tasting, as well as help pull ideas together to make the perfect cake that you have been dreaming of.

Geomyra: What is your most popular cake flavor(s)?

Nikki: Customers love our red velvet cake with cream cheese icing as well as our marble cake with chocolate buttercream icing.

Geomyra: What trends are you noticing?

Nikki: “Naked” cakes are becoming more popular for brides who want to keep it simple, rustic, and unique.  This is when the sides of the cake and filling are exposed without any icing on the outside and a lot of time fresh berries will adorn the raw edges of the cake.   Another trend is metallic colors, whether it is just one tier of your cake, or the whole cake, or even airbrushed metallic sprinkles!  The cake table itself is also getting more attention, we are seeing a lot patterned, sparkly, and colorful fabric for the cake table to make it stand out from the guest tables.  Cake stands are also becoming more unique with different heights, brides making their own, and even stands with led lighting in them.

Geomyra: What advice do you have for couples planning their big day? Or advice for couples when researching a wedding cake baker?

Nikki: The cake planning should not be stressful!  It should be a fun part of the planning process to choose what cake flavors are your favorites and come up with a special design.  It is always helpful to have an idea in mind of what you want your cake to look like before going in for a tasting.  Even if it is just an element from an invitation, your dress, or a specific flower you like, anything will help us get a better idea of what you really like.  Also, if you are wanting to incorporate color elements into your cake design, try and bring in a piece your color swatch and leave it with the baker so they can get as close to the color as possible.


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If you are looking for a cake baker for your wedding day, special event, or just because, be sure to give Nikki a call. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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