Happy 3rd Birthday Payton! {images + video} Be still my heart…


As Payton’s birthday started to approach, for some reason I started to get emotional. Every day I thank the Lord for her presence and the privilege to be her mom. When I think about how time has flown by it scares me!

Payton’s first birthday. Right Image: Astrid Photography

Your second birthday party

I remember having a conversation with my late mother in the spring of 2009 while folding laundry. She and I were discussing my hesitations on starting a family. I told her I wasn’t ready. In her own way, she reminded me that God is in control. She explained to me that no one or nothing can prepare you for motherhood, but promised me that it would be worth it. We ended the conversation with her saying, “Girl, go give that man a baby!” Fast forward to March 17, 2010. That is the day that my mother told my family that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Four days later on March 21, 2010, Philip and I welcomed an itty bitty 5 lb, 10 oz baby.

Top left: Payton asleep in my belly. Top right and center: The first day she was born

God’s timing and His love for me was confirmed the day Payton was born. While on maternity leave, I was able to spend more time than I ever had in the past with my mom. My mother went through chemo, radiation and multiple surgeries and I was right there with her, every step of the way. She taught me how to be a mommy and held my hand as I tried to figure out this thing called motherhood.

When I think about God’s love, I think, “He loved me enough to bless me with the gift of Payton while dealing with the unimaginable.” The happiest time of my life was shared with the hardest and most heartbreaking. BUT, He loved me enough to bless me with a healthy, intelligent and genuinely happy daughter.


Left: Fourth of July 2102. Right: Enjoying Micky Mouse pancakes.

Payton, today you turn three! There are days that I still can’t believe that I am someone’s “mommy.” Your second year of life has been full of fun-filled adventures and learning experiences for you and me both.

Valentine’s Day 2013

This year you learned hundreds of new words, started gymnastics and the biggest accomplishment was getting potty trained! Your smile and goofy attitude is infectious. Your dad and I look at each other some days and just shake our heads and smile at some of the things that come out of your mouth. You love to dance. And when you do, you encourage everyone around you to also “shake your booty.”

You LOVE school, your teachers and your friends. You are obsessed with your big cousins, and often beg me to take you “up the highway” to visit with them.

Payton and Amari picking out our Christmas tree. Hanging with Carter and Courtney

You love to help your dad and I cook in the kitchen. You know how to work an iPad better than some adults. Although you like playing with some toys, you are a girl that loves her books! Your favorite TV shows are Hana Montana, Jake and Josh and Full House. (Thankfully, we are over Dora the Explorer!)

Wearing our matching aprons (thanks Lynette!) helping daddy in the kitchen

You look forward to “Snack Party Day” on Wednesdays. On SPD, your dad picks you up from school and you get to pick out your favorite snacks. The two of you indulge in the snacks while watching one of your favorite shows. You enjoy our weekends together and love visiting with G-ma after church. You adore her and love playing with her mystery box of toys.

You love to use your Great Day Plate (emilyley.com) for Snack Party Day

Depending on what day it is, your dad and I alternate being your best friend. You often tell me that I am the “best mommy ever!”

You are becoming a HUGE Redskins fan!

You are quite the talker!

You are truly blessed to have a loving family. You are always asking to see your Na-na, Pa-Pa, aunties and cousins. It’s funny that each member of the family has a nickname for you! (Pay-pay, Nugget, Pay-dee, Princess Payton, and Booka to name a few). At home, your daddy calls you “Honey” and I call you by your middle name, Mariah.

You love the snow!

Just like your mama, you love to eat! Your favorite foods include new-news (noodles), panda food (Panda Express), rice, French fries, chicken and my pot roast. You’ve also learned how to say grace. It warms my heart to hear you say the dinner prayer each night for our little family. You’ve learned that although mommy and daddy love you, God loves you the most.

Payton, thank you for allowing me to be your mommy. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for making life worth living.

I’m stealing a kiss!

Happy Birthday, Payton Mariah!

P.S. Your dad let you stay up extra late last night. Here is. Video of you enjoying your last night as a two year old.


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  1. Latrice

    Too precious! Happy Birthday cutie Payton!!!

  2. Coco

    Ohhmmmghee!!! This was the cutest post. You and Phil have a star on your hands! lol I can’t wait to meet her! Happy Birthday Payton!! 🙂

  3. Angela Pollard aka Nana

    Happy Birthday Payton (little bittie) Nana just want to say she hopes your day is as great as you are. I truely enjoyed going down memory lane with all the beautiful pictures that recaptured all the good times we have had, to get to this 3years of life. So much joy god has blessed us with when he blessed us with you♥

  4. Melissa

    I love this post! Payton is too cute. Happy Birthday!

  5. ad and family

    Happy birthday Payton! We Love Ya and wish you lots of fun!!!

  6. Cousin Domo

    Payyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Happy Birthday my prettttttty!!! How exciting it has been to be a part of your life thus far. You are only 3 and have absolutely stunned me! Beautiful beyond your years and never ceasing to amaze me with your intellect, beauty and strength. Happy Birthday my pretty pretty princess!!! Dom – “Payton, you’re a smart cookie.” Payton – “I’m not a cookie, I’m a girl.” x-D

  7. The Lockhart Family, Aunt Donna!

    Well, if I could stop crying these tears of JOY!

    Happy Birthday Payton! We love you! Aunt Donna, Mya Getta, and Uncle John. I always enjoy your beautiful smile, hugs and kisses and to the house to hang out with the girls.

    Always, Peace and Blessing to you! Hugs and Kisses!

  8. Rachel

    Happy 3rd birthday, Payton! Great blog post mommy!

  9. The Lucas'

    Happy 3rd Birthday Payton!!! Kiley can’t wait to see you on Saturday!!!

    Geomyra that blog post was beautiful, almost brought tears to my eyes. And I can’t wait for our daughters to start activities together!!!

  10. Brenda & Rufus

    Happy Birthday Payton. May you all be as happy as you look for the rest of your lives. God Bless you.

  11. Cousin Tiana and Sydney

    We want to wish a Happy Happy 3rd Birthday! Your such a bright little girl who has a warm and kind spirit like your parents and grandparents. I can’t wait to see you grow into a young lady. See you at the party!


    Tiana and Syd

  12. Geonel

    Wow! After reading that I’m almost in tears! You have truly outdone yourself this time Hillary aka Geomyra lol. I remember you saying “I don’t know if I can do this” to now you should be saying ” I have done this and more!” Happy 3rd bday Pay-dee auntie Nel and Mari love u. And to the Obama’s aka Phil and Geomyra job well done. She’ll be ready for college in no time! Xoxoxo

  13. The Battle Gang from NC

    Love, hugs and kisses from Raleigh! May special blessings continue to surround you and keep you safe. Hope to see you guys soon! Geomyra, I am so proud of you. You and Phillip have a beautiful baby girl.
    Live • Laugh • Love
    Happy 3rd Birthday Payton!
    ~the battles

  14. Auntie Loco (Dalayna)

    Happy Birthday PMP! Wow! It seems like it was just yesterday that you arrived here, stealing the show. I have watched you grow into a beautiful toddler and I am so proud to be your “Auntie Loco.” You are truly a star and I look forward to seeing all the many ways you will continue to shine brilliantly. Phil and Gee-Bee, you all are AWESOME parents and I know that Payton is in good hands! Love you guys!


  15. Candace (NYStateofMom)

    This was the sweetest post ever! She is such a cutie. Mommy was right God’s timing is more on time than our planning

  16. Sac Longchamp

    Happy Birthday Payton! {images video} Be still my heart… – Geomyra Lewis Weddings & Events