Focus on What Matters

Any one that knows me will tell you that I am a HUGE Redskins and Caps fan. Tonight my husband and I are going to the Washington Redskins game. This has been a tradition that we have held for the past four years. Friday marks our four year anniversary. I remember four years ago how much I appreciated the break from wedding planning and entertaining family and friends as we cheered for my favorite team. (Hail to the Redskins!!). There is so much that has changed since we’ve gotten married. One thing that remains consistent is our love for each other and the genuine fun and joy we share in each other’s presence. As you spend time planning your wedding, preparing for the new school year or start to feel overwhelmed with transition and new chapters, remember to stop and do something that brings you pure JOY. Life is too short. Enjoy the little things and focus on what matters. And with that, I leave you as I prep for site visits for one of our brides and a series of date nights this week with the hubs. GO SKINS!



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