Flower Love {Peony}

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With spring in full bloom it is hard not to notice the gorgeous peonies around me. Growing up, I used to admire the peony bush that my grandmother used to tend to. Peonies are also grown in Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America. My favorite feature of the peony is the lovely scent that the flower gives off. What I love about the peony is that it the bloom can fit into just about all color palettes. The flower is found in white, pink, yellow, purples and many other hues. This explains why peonies are often used in the bouquets of many of our brides and in local gardens! The full blooms provide great volume to table centerpieces and lush arrangements. I am very much looking forward to seeing peonies used in a few upcoming events! Tell us, what is your favorite flower?

Peonies Geomyra LewisImage Credits


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