Date Night {On A Budget}

The year my husband and I got engaged we worked five (yes five) jobs between us. Because of that, we found it difficult to find time to spend together. While going through pre-marital counseling our Pastor emphasized the importance of a weekly date night. For the past five years we have gone on a weekly date night which we call “PG (Phil & Geomyra) Night.”  The dedicated time alone has been vital to our marriage. When planning a wedding, raising children or living on a budget, it may not be as easy to spend the money on a date night. As I am a foodie and love to try new restaurants, I have found the daily deal websites to be a blessing. We have been able to dine at some of the nicest restaurants in the area, often at half of the cost. When I get an alert on my phone or in my email, I search the restaurants website, check out the menu and purchase the deal. Last week our total bill with drinks, appetizer, two entrees and desserts normally would have cost us close to $90. With our purchased deal, we only paid $36! Some of the sites offer deals on restaurants, movie tickets, comedy shows, plays, cooking classes, wine tasting and other unique date night ideas. Be sure to sign up for deal alerts and download the apps to your smart phone. Happy Saving!

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