A Weekend With Family & Friends

Rarely do I get the opportunity to spend an entire day with my family and friends. This past weekend was truly a treat filled with great food, fellowship and lots of fun. To celebrate my nephew Carter’s 3rd birthday, I organized a trip to Hershey Park for my family. As we got closer to the date, more friends and family signed up to join us for our “Family Day.” Our group of twenty-five spent the day in Hershey, PA riding the roller-coasters, enjoying the waterpark and learning the fundamentals of chocolate manufacturing.  After a tiring Saturday, my Sunday morning was spent with my little one who enjoyed pancakes, made by yours truly. In typical Payton fashion, Payton joined me in my office while I prepared for a few client consults that I had scheduled later in the afternoon. After a busy day of meetings and spending time with my beloved grandmother, I headed home to prepare dinner for my little family. When time permits, I try to be adventurous and whip up a new recipe (or two). Last night I tried Paula Deen’s Homestyle Meatloaf and Herbed Potato Casserole.  Both were very good and will now go in my recipe book. The weekend was such a blessing from the man upstairs. I can’t thank him enough for the family and extended family.I hope your weekend was filled with lots of love and productivity! Until next time 🙂

Our group ready to have some fun!

Me & the hubby waiting in line.

Exhausted after a long day.

Chocolate making tour at Hershey World

Payton enjoying her Sunday morning pancakes.

Payton looks on while mommy preps for work.

Meatloaf prep

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